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At Wells Orthodontics, our entire focus is set upon providing our patients excellence in orthodontics with personalized care. Dr. Andrew Wells, along with his experienced and patient-centered team, is committed to enhancing the appearance, function, and comfort of our patients dental health through orthodontic care. All of the services that we offer are provided with your health, happiness, and comfort foremost in mind. In our upscale, modern, and technologically advanced facility, any and all of your concerns are given the proper and compassionate care that they deserve. In addition to traditional and aesthetic braces, we also offer the nearly invisible option of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligners.

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"We have truly found Wells Orthodontic practice to be a wonderful experience! The staff is always so caring and efficient. Dr. Wells has a lovely chair side manner and the latest innovations in his practice of orthodontics. They are 10 star for sure! Lee S"

Review Verified on 5/21/2013
"Great job on both my girls, the staff is all very pleasant and professional. It's been a good experience!"

Review Verified on 5/21/2013
"We have had 4 family members who have seen Drs. Hart and Wells. Everyone receives compliments on their teeth and we have been so satisfied with the service. The entire staff is professional and very friendly. We would highly recommend them to anyone who needs braces!!!"

Review Verified on 5/16/2013
"We couldn't be more pleased with the results of our orthodontic treatment by Dr. Wells. He has an eye for detail, and his work results in a beautiful smile. His staff is uniformly friendly and upbeat. The office is always inviting. Five of our family have had treatment, some with braces, some with Invisalign. It has been a great experience! " - Siobhan M."

Review Verified on 5/16/2013
"We interviewed several orthodontists before deciding on Dr. Wells. Our decision was based on Dr. Wells' willingness to listen and address our concerns. Everyone in the office was eager to assist and have always made us feel welcome. Sarah's teeth look beautiful! Thank you."

Review Verified on 5/16/2013
"Excellent staff! Excellent Dr.! Makes you feel right at home and at ease at all times!"

Review Verified on 5/15/2013
"Always a great experience at Dr. Wells. The staff is always warm and welcoming..."

Review Verified on 5/9/2013
"After 3.5 years of braces, I finally have a solution as promised by Dr Wells. His team is great, vrey gentle and set expectations perfectly. As an englishman (yes with bad teeth) they did a great job at re-aligning my teeth so I would not have serious issues in later life. they are great."

Review Verified on 5/6/2013
"Always happy to see you when you walk in the door!"

Review Verified on 4/27/2013
"Wells Orthodontics' is the best! The staff is attentive and kind. Dr. Wells takes the time to answer any and all questions we have, even if that means a personal phone call after hours. They offer cutting-edge and thorough, thoughtful care."

Review Verified on 4/24/2013
"Everyone at Dr. Wells'office is great. I am very excited about getting my braces off next month!!!!"

Review Verified on 4/23/2013
"Wells Orthodontics is such a wonderful practice. The staff is professional and pleasant, the surroundings are attractive and comfortable, and the results are beautiful!"

Review Verified on 4/23/2013
"We have been thrilled by our whole experience with Dr. Wells and his friendly, knowledgable staff and will actually miss our orthodontic visits! We would strongly recommend Dr. Wells to anyone looking to perfect their smile :)"

Review Verified on 4/23/2013
"My experience at Wells Orthodontics has been absolutely wonderful! I initially came in for a consultation to get braces to make room for two implants. After a thorough examination, Dr. Wells gave me the option to fully close the spaces and eliminate the need for implants, which was great since I was not totally on board with my dentist's complete plan. He tailored a plan specifically for my situation. Dr. Wells and his staff have been a joy to work with, always greeting me with a smile and kind words. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking orthodontic work."

Review Verified on 4/10/2013
"We have been delighted with the professional services we have received as a patient of Dr. Wells and his staff. We are always greeted by name and with a smile. My children enjoy visiting the office even if the appointment isn't for them. We're glad we came to Wells Orthodontic, and we recommend them to our friends."

Review Verified on 4/9/2013
"I was getting checked to see if I needed braces and I wont need them until June or July. It was great to get Easter cookies as a treat. Also every one is so nice especially Mrs. Pam"

Review Verified on 4/5/2013
"Diana had an appointment to get her permanent bottom retainer. The appointment went well. Dr. Wells took the extra time to look at Diana's mouth to see if her wisdom teeth had started to come in. He could have told us that he'd look next time, but he looked inside her mouth. I appreciated that he'd taken the time to do this."

Review Verified on 3/31/2013
"Friendly, thorough, empathic."

Review Verified on 3/29/2013
"I have been a client of Wells Orthodontics for 2 1/2 years, though we first saw Dr. Wells for a consultation more than 5 years ago. So many of the people I know and whose choices I respect have chosen Dr. Wells for their orthodontic care that I knew I was making a good decision. What I have found is that there are many factors that go into making the chore of "an orthodontist appointment" into a really nice experience. For example, this is a happy office. The staff is friendly, and do their best to serve their clients. I'm not talking just about the coffee bar, but about their willingness to accommodate the busy schedules of their family of clients, and their no fuss attitude when emergencies arise after hours."

Review Verified on 3/28/2013
"Great service, very friendly and caring staff. Dr. Wells is very knowledgeable and always happy to answer questions and discuss options."

Review Verified on 3/27/2013
"I had two rounds of braces with Wells Orthodontics. The first was by choice to improve some issues with the appearance of my teeth. The second was due to a bike accident that really damaged my three front teeth. I was in ER on a Saturday night and needed an oral surgeon. Dr. Wells and one of his assistants, Jena, were able to provide a name for me to call and it was a saving grace. Additionally, I had to go back into braces for further damage repair. Honestly, I think my teeth looked better after that than ever before. I am grateful everyday for Dr. Wells and gang coming to my rescue. Lastly, they are all just good people!"

Review Verified on 3/27/2013
"We have been amazed at the transformation of our son's mouth under Dr. Wells care. He is nearing the end of his treatment earlier than expected. The office staff is so friendly and Dr. Well's assistants are gentle and explain the process so that the patient and parents understand each step."

Review Verified on 3/27/2013
"Dr Wells and his staff are excellent in every way. Dr. Wells is highly professional. Most of his staff worked with Dr. Hart and have been providing excellent care and service for many years. The office is very well run and efficient. Most importantly, everyone is very friendly-especially Alice and Regina at the front desk. I would highly recommend Dr. Andrew Wells as an outstanding orthodontist."

Review Verified on 3/26/2013
"My daughter and I both had braces around the same time. We are both satisfied with not only the results but also Dr. Wells and his staff. Thanks very much!"

Review Verified on 3/26/2013
"During my freshman year at North Carolina State University, the upper retainer I had been wearing since my braces were removed five years earlier began to wear out. I soon began to notice that my teeth were beginning to shift and I realized I needed to be seen by an orthodontist immediately. However, as a college student living nearly three hours away from home, I had no contacts in the Raleigh area. Eventually, I was able to schedule an appointment with a local dentist who confirmed that I needed to have a new retainer made and recommended that I seek treatment from Dr. Andrew Wells. I was then able to set up an appointment with Dr. Wells for the very next day and I soon had a new retainer and an immense amount of anxiety relieved. As an aspiring dental professional myself, I have shadowed and worked with several dentists and specialists and I am now currently shadowing with Dr. Wells and his WONDERFUL staff. Based on my own personal experiences and my observations, it is clear that Dr. Wells truly cares about his patients. While many orthodontists simply focus on improving the appearance of a patient's smile, Dr. Wells goes the extra mile and devotes himself to also improving the functioning of a patient's bite in order to provide his patient's with the best care possible. Additionally, Dr. Wells and his staff are a FAMILY and they truly enjoy working with each other. Through their teamwork and experience, Dr. Wells and his staff create an incredible office environment that allows patients to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. I strongly recommend Wells Orthodontics for all of your orthodontic needs"

Review Verified on 3/26/2013
"We couldn't be more pleased with the results of our orthodontic treatment by Dr. Wells. He has an eye for detail, and his work results in a beautiful smile. His staff is uniformly friendly and upbeat. The office is always inviting. Five of our family have had treatment, some with braces, some with Invisalign. It has been a great experience!"

Review Verified on 3/25/2013
"Dr. Wells and his office are the best. They are professional, warm, and friendly. I also appreciated the conservative treatment option we pursued first - which was successful!!"

Review Verified on 3/23/2013
"Just a GREAT service with great results! You always want top quality expertise and that is a given at Dr. Wells' office. What sets his office and staff apart is the personal touches and care you receive. On one occasion we were even sitting in his kitchen at his home for an after hours wire repair! (I'm not sure how my middle son managed his timing, but he always seems to be doing something:). And the only reason Dr. Wells did not come to me on that occasion was because he was watching his two little boys that night while his wife worked late. Just a quality guy and a quality practice on top of the latest technology and techniques."

Review Verified on 3/20/2013
"We began coming to Wells Orthodontics when it was still Dr. Hart's practice. We have been very happy with the level of care and attention to detail that has been given to both of our daughters over the years. Dr. Wells is an excellent Orthodontist. He is extremely detailed oriented and ensures that all aspects of his patient's treatment plan is covered and that you as the parent understand the process. His office staff is also wonderful making the many many office visits enjoyable."

Review Verified on 3/20/2013
"Wells orthodontic has been a true blessing. Everybody is so nice,And professional. They have really made a difference in my sons life and are in the process of giving him a beautiful smile. Awesome people!"

Review Verified on 3/19/2013
"Dr Wells and his staff are the ABSOLUTE BEST!"

Review Verified on 3/15/2013

Review Verified on 3/14/2013
"Wells Orthodontics is the only orthodontic office that is concerned with the function of the bite and not just the look of straight teeth. Two years ago, I obtained several quotes for braces, and Dr. Wells was the only doctor was was concerned with jaw alignment and the bite, which was my sole purpose for considering orthodontia. Straight teeth are a wonderful side effect of correcting the bite and two year later, my headaches and jaw pain have subsided. I couldn't be more thrilled!"

Review Verified on 3/13/2013
"We always have a good experience when we come in, and we especially appreciate the fact that you are forgiving if traffic makes us a few minutes late for an appointment. Our kids love it there."

Review Verified on 3/13/2013
"Caleb is had outstanding care and treatment by Dr. Wells and his staff! Caleb has really enjoyed wearing his braces and always looks forward to his next visit at Wells Orthodontics! Thank you!!"

Review Verified on 3/8/2013
"Came here several years ago with our first daughter and were extremely happy with results. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We are now back with second daughter and continue to be impressed with everyone's professionalism. Every procedure is explained beforehand and the results are fantastic."

Review Verified on 3/7/2013
"We have enjoyed coming to your office for the past few years! Everyone is so friendly and you have been so easy to work with! Thank you for all you have done to make our experience a great one!"
"I love this place! As an adult the decision to get braces at this stage in my life was questionable. Dr. Wells and his staff gave me the opportunity to ask all the questions I needed make me to feel at ease and comfortable with my decision. They didnot pressure me or make me feel like I was being sold something. From the front staff to the dental assistants, I've always felt welcome and at ease! I will be bringing my kids here, if they need it!"

Review Verified on 3/5/2013
"Adult client very pleased!!!!"

Review Verified on 3/5/2013
"I am Shelley Dupree and I have worked for Dr. Hart and now Dr. Wells for 17years. I love working here, watching our patients faces light up, and eyes twinkle as they see their smile and bite transform. Dr. Wells is a perfectionist and gives his very best to each patient! It is a pleasure to come to work everyday and spend time with my other"
"The Well's Orthodontic team will always go above and beyond to make you feel like part of their family. Dr. Wells always puts his heart and soul into each and every smile that walks thru our door. I feel very blessed to work in this type of atmosphere where you really feel how much you are cared for."
Reviews 715 - 756 of 756

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