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At Wells Orthodontics, our entire focus is set upon providing our patients excellence in orthodontics with personalized care. Dr. Andrew Wells, along with his experienced and patient-centered team, is committed to enhancing the appearance, function, and comfort of our patients dental health through orthodontic care. All of the services that we offer are provided with your health, happiness, and comfort foremost in mind. In our upscale, modern, and technologically advanced facility, any and all of your concerns are given the proper and compassionate care that they deserve. In addition to traditional and aesthetic braces, we also offer the nearly invisible option of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligners.

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"No wait times and wonderful staff!"

Review Verified on 7/17/2018
"The Staff at Wells Orthodontics is excellent! Beyond any staff on any level of professionalism. I initially was not sure about the whole orthodontic process, but the smiles and attentiveness of Alice and Regina at the front desk was always inviting. All of the the treatment staff were very pleasant but I first noticed the care, passion and love for her work, by Shelly. Pam was always an attentive, pleasant and confident person. Being cared for by all of them felt like being around trusted family and friends. I could always count on Dr. Wells to great me with a smile and a hand shake, his reassuring words always calmed my hectic day. I finally got a chance to look after my own orthodontic needs, later in life, and the staff never made my feel too old. They all made, what I thought to be a trying ordeal, into a very pleasant experience. The time passed pleasantly, and I will surely miss them all."

Review Verified on 12/19/2019
"Great visit as always"

Review Verified on 12/13/2019
"You did very well, I had no issues."

Review Verified on 12/5/2019
"I was ashame to smile in pictures and now I can't stop smiling. The Wells team has been welcoming and helpful from the beginning of my journey to the end. This has been a great experience. Although I am happy that my braces process went by so quickly, I am sad I will not get to see my Wells family on a regular bases. I cannot thank them enough!! They changed my life."

Review Verified on 11/26/2019
"I have been receiving Orthodontic care from Dr. Wells for a year. Upon entry, I am greeted with a SMILE by the receptionists! Each visit I'm given thorough instructions. I am so impressed with all the dental technicians with their diligent work. I'm very fortunate to be receiving excellent care by Dr. Wells and his team for my Orthodontic needs."

Review Verified on 11/21/2019
"Great people and service"

Review Verified on 11/11/2019
"Wonderful experience from start to finish. Detailed explanations, thoughtful analysis, all shared with us in a way we could understand and consider. Options were presented and recommendations given in a patient-centered way. We left feeling very well informed and well cared for. The staff were all top notch and Dr Wells was outstanding."

Review Verified on 11/7/2019
"Great experience during my consultation! Can’t wait to get my braces."

Review Verified on 11/5/2019
"Great service, really explain what they're going to do and why well. Friendly and nice!"

Review Verified on 11/4/2019
"being at Wells ortho is amazing, so much fun!"

Review Verified on 10/31/2019
"Very pleased with the service and results"

Review Verified on 10/9/2019
"Really good"

Review Verified on 10/8/2019
"The overall feel of the place was amazing, from the comfortable waiting to the clean operating area. The dentist was amazing and always in a good mood. Everything was brilliant, if I had to get braces again I would definitely come back."

Review Verified on 9/23/2019
"Friendly smiles and always professional"

Review Verified on 9/22/2019
"I've been at Well's for years and have had a great experience here. The environment is very welcoming and the staff make braces a breeze. 10/10"

Review Verified on 9/16/2019
"Dr Wells and his team are very cheerful and thorough when explaining the whole process for realigning teeth. His staff is friendly and they work in a relaxed environment that makes it comfortable for my daughter."

Review Verified on 9/12/2019
"I like everything about my teeth. They are nice like I thought it would be"

Review Verified on 9/11/2019
"Very cordial and professional staff. Always treated well and efficiently. Great orthodontic practice."

Review Verified on 9/5/2019
"I had a great experience with Dr Wells and all of his staff. They are very through and took great care of your needs. If there was ever any issue they handled it promptly and with great care. Overall an amazing experience"

Review Verified on 9/3/2019
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"Always accommodating and always efficient, this team gets patients in and out on time AND does a superb job of getting patients to do what it takes to get those teeth straightened. Staff is great at educating patients about caring for the whole mouth, too."

Review Verified on 9/2/2019
"Dr Wells is the best orthodontist there is! He is so kind and always has a smile on his face. He explains everything he is going to do in detail so you know exactly what's going to happen. His team is always so nice and they always have smiles on their faces too! Thanks guys for my beautiful smile!"

Review Verified on 8/27/2019
"My experience at Dr. Wells office was fabulous. I received great orthodontic care and everyone I interacted with was kind and professional. I especially enjoyed how they explained each of the procedures they did and why they were doing it."

Review Verified on 8/26/2019
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"I cannot be more pleased with my experience with Dr. Wells and his very friendly staff. As an older person getting braces was hard for me because I have a dental phobia but Dr. Wells and his very patient staff have been so nice and understanding of me. I would recommend this practice to anyone. I was referred to Dr. Wells by my Dentist Dr. Dan Davidian. As I got older my teeth began to shift so I needed braces. I cannot say enough nice things about this practice from the gorgeous office to the very kind and patient staff to Dr. Wells. They are great !!!!"

Review Verified on 8/22/2019
"The entire process went really smoothly"

Review Verified on 8/19/2019
"The sweetest dentist ever."
"I had a great experience at Wells Orthodontics. When you walk in the door they smile and great you with your name and it is just an all around pleasant environment. When I broke a bracket they were able to see me very quickly and fix it. Also my teeth look great!"

Review Verified on 8/14/2019
"I have had braces for almost three years and never had a serious problem where I need to come back to the orthodontist. Also everyone is very kind and knows there job very well."

Review Verified on 8/13/2019
"Dr. Wells and the whole at Wells Orthodontics is amazing. Everyone is very polite and very helpful."

Review Verified on 8/12/2019
"Very nice"

Review Verified on 8/12/2019
"Thank you!"

Review Verified on 8/12/2019
"Very friendly, informative and clean"

Review Verified on 8/6/2019
"Great staff and Dr Wells is by far leading the way for all doctors when it comes to quality of service and patient relations."

Review Verified on 7/26/2019
"People were cool and I got my braces off fast"

Review Verified on 7/25/2019
"Excellent customer service."
"Dr. Wells and his team have been awesome and always made me feel comfortable during my time in braces. My case was a bit unique as I had jaw surgery prior to getting my braces. He worked closely with my surgeon in Florida to ensure they were aligned on my treatment. Thank you so much for everything Wells Orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 7/24/2019
"I had a really good experience and all the staff was really nice."

Review Verified on 7/22/2019
"Excellent and friendly staff. This ortho place feels like second home. Highly recommended."

Review Verified on 7/17/2019
"Really good"

Review Verified on 7/17/2019
"Nice time frame when you listen to dr"

Review Verified on 7/15/2019
"Dr.Wells and all his help are very nice"

Review Verified on 7/10/2019
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"Dr. Wells and staff has always made my visits there good. Awesome place to go to get a new smile!!!!!"

Review Verified on 7/9/2019
Reviews 1 - 42 of 831

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